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Title Main Entry Publication Date
أحاديث للمعلمين والمتعلمين في علم النفس / جيس، وليام 1980
Talks with Thomas Hardy at Max Gate: 1920-1922/ Collins, Vere Henry. 1978.
(2yigez rm ieqi aiilio /(B Ben Porat, Yesha`yahu. 1996.
Tall al-Hamidiya 2 / Eichiler, Seyyare Symposion recent excavations in the upper khabur region (1986: Berne) 1990.
Tall al-Hamigiya 1 : vorbericht 1984 / Eichler, Seyyare 1984.
Tell es-Sultan--Jericho in the Context of the Jordan Valley : Site Management, Conservation, and Sustainable Development. : proceedings of the International Workshop held in Ariha 7th-11th February 2005 by the Department of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, UNESCO office-Ramallah, Rome "La Sapienza" University / International Workshop "Tell es-Sultan--Jericho in the Context of the Jordan Valley: Site Management, Conservation, and Sustainable Development" (2005 : Jericho) 2006.
The tall building artistically reconsidered : the search for a skyscraper style / HUXTABLE, ADA LOUISE. c1984.
Tall building in urban context: proceedings .../ SEMINAR onTall Buildings in Urban Context (1984: Dhahran. 1986.
CLADDING/Council on TAll Buildings and Urban Habitat, Committee 12A;/   1992.
Tall buildings--2000 and beyond : collected papers /   c1991.
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