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Sorts and Limits

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1. Title: Modern philosophies of education / John S. Brubacher.
McGraw-Hill series in education
Author: Brubacher , John Seiler , 1898-
Publication: McGraw-Hill, New York: 1969.
Edition: 4th ed.
2. Title: Introduction to philosophy of education / by Stella Van Petten Henderson.
Author: Henderson , Stella Van Petten
Publication: The University of Chicago Press, Chicago: 1964.
3. Title: Introduction to philosophy of education / James Gribble.
The Allyn and Bacon series : foundations of education
Author: Gribble , James
Publication: Allyn and Bacon, Boston: 1969.
4. Title: An introduction to the philosophy of education / by D. J. O'Connor.
Author: O'Connor , Daniel John
Publication: Routledge and Kagan Paul, [S.l.]: 1975.
5. Title: Philosophy of education : essays and commentaries / edited by Hobert W. Burns and Charles J. Brauner ; foreward by Robert H.Beck.
Author: Burns , Hobert W.
Publication: The Ronald Press, New York: 1962.
6. Title: The philosophical foundations of education / Steven M. Cahn.
Author: Cahn , Steven M.
Publication: Harper & Row, New York: 1970.
7. Title: Education and democratic ideals : philosophical backgrounds of modern educational thought / Gordon C. Lee.
Professional education for teachers series
Author: Lee, Gordon Canfield , 1916-
Publication: Harcourt , Brace & World, New York: 1965.
8. Title: Theory and principles of education : philosophical and sociological basesof education / J. C. Aggarwal ..
Author: AGGARWAL , J. C.
Publication: Vikas, New Delhi: 1996.
Edition: 10th ed.
9. Title: An introduction to the philosophy of education / D. J. O'Connor.
Author: O'CONNOR , D. J.
Publication: Universal Book Stall, New Delhi: [1996].
10. Title: Childrens freedom : A. S. Neill and the evolution of the Summerhill idea / Ray Hemmings.
Author: HEMMINGS , Ray
Publication: Schocken Books, New York: 1973.
Results 1 - 20 of 40
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Sorts and Limits