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Title: Creating Marketing Magic and Innovative Future Marketing Trends Proceedings of the 2016 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference / edited by Maximilian Stieler.
Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science,
Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science,

Main Entry: Stieler, Maximilian. editor.
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Publisher: Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer,
Publication Date: 2017.
Publication Place: Cham :
ISBN: 9783319455969
Subject: Business.
Internet marketing.
Customer relations -- Management.
Call centers.
Business and Management.
Customer Relationship Management.
Online Marketing/Social Media.
Business Strategy/Leadership.
Call Center/Customer Service.

Series: Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science,
Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science,

Contents: Session 1A: Charity & Social Marketing -- Session 1B: Unhappy customers: Consumer dissatisfaction and service recovery -- Session 1C: Impact of Consumer Behavior Factors on Retail Decisions -- Session 1D: Digital Influence: Power, Conflict, and Sentiment -- Session 1E: Appeals and Diversity -- Session 1F: New Product Development & Product Strategy in Dynamic Market Environments -- Session 1G: Digital Tools and Marketing Pedagogy -- Session 1H: Service Quality: Online Experiences and Feedback -- Session 1I: Doctoral Colloquium: Advertising -- Session 1J: Special Session: Opportunities and Challenges of Wearable Technology -- Session 2B: Citizenship behavior and services marketing -- Session 2C: Glimpsing into and deciding about the future -- Session 2D: Luck, Intuition, and Salesperson Characteristics -- Session 2E: Digital Marketing and Branding -- Session 2F: Branding and celebrity endorsements -- Session 2G: Special Session - Applied Neuroeconomics -- Session 2H: Doctoral Colloquium: Consumer Behavior -- Session 2I: Special Session: Managing Retail in an Omnichannel Environment -- Session 2J: Special Session: Retailing and Pricing Cues -- Session 3A: Digital Advertising -- Session 3B: Brand Attachment and Brand Equity -- Session 3C: Impact of In-store Retail Cues -- Session 3D: Cyborgs, Wearables, and Avatars, Oh My! -- Session 3E: Co-creation, collaboration, and connectivity in services marketing -- Session 3F: Digital Marketing -- Session 3G: International Consumer Behavior -- Session 3H: Relationship Marketing: Bright and Dark Sides -- Session 3I: Movies and Creativity -- Session 3J: Finding Nemo: Understanding Elusive Customers in Sales -- Session 4A: Foods and Logos -- Session 4B: Animosity and Hate in Branding -- Session 4C: Factors Impacting Price Evaluations -- Session 4D: Brands: Placebos, Warranties and Freemium -- Session 4E: Enter The New Realm Of The Sharing Economy, Big Data, Augmented Reality, And Exclusivity -- Session 4F: Internal and External Influences on Organizational Success -- Session 4G: Special Session - The Role of In-Store and Online Retailing Factors -- Session 4H: Special Session: Transitioning to the First Year of a Tenure Track Job -- Session 4I: Female Consumers and Social Factors -- Session 4J: Special Session: Is the Marketing Function Influential or Not? -- Session 5A: Consumer Engagement on Social Media -- Session 5B: Emotions and Symbolism in Branding -- Session 5C: The Impact of Price on Promotion Evaluations -- Session 5E: Powerful others: How Consumers Influence each Other -- Session 5F: Corporate Social Responsibility: Crisis, Commitment, Consumption and Communication -- Session 5H: Doctoral Colloquium: Branding and Market Orientation -- Session 5I: WoM, Reviews, and Shopping Preferences -- Session 6A: Sensory Marketing and Healthful Consumption -- Session 6B: Brand Worlds, Merchandise and Counterfeits -- Session 6C: Factors Impacting Retailer Perception -- Session 6D: Relationship Marketing: Financial Implications -- Session 6F: Consumer Behavior: Going beyond Self-Benefits -- Session 6G: Global Marketing Strategies: Overview and Reviews -- Session 6H: Doctoral Colloquium: Services Marketing -- Session 6I: International and Cross-Cultural Factors -- Session 6J: The Incredibles: Creating Value in Sales -- Session 7A: Sensory Marketing, Retail Atmospherics, and Healthy Food Choices -- Session 7B: Social and economic communication -- Session 7C: Retail and Review Cues -- Session 7D: To keep or not to keep that is the question: Reactions to products growing old -- Session 7E: Astrometry, Salespeople and Word-of-mouth: Consequential Encounters -- Session 7E: Astrometry, Salespeople and Word-of-mouth: Consequential Encounters -- Session 7F: Cause Marketing & Green Marketing -- Session 7G: Special Session: Unveiling the Magic of Storytelling in Marketing -- Session 7H: Special Session: Learning about the magic of publishing using bibliometric and content analysis -- Session 7I: Firms, Retailers, and Customers -- Session 8B: Getting Consumer Insights from Sport Fans and Volunteers -- Session 8C: Roles of Channels on Preferences and Choices -- Session 8D: Cross Cultural Aspects of Brands -- Session 8E: Special Session: Designing an integrated three year marketing Bachelor’s degree program -- Session 8F: Mindfulness: A New Look at Marketing Ethics -- Session 8G: Journal Review Process and Rejections: Interactive Q&A Discussion with Journal Editorial Reviewers -- Session 8I: Innovations & New Technologies: Implications for Strategic Marketing -- Session 8J: Express Your Selfie! Self-Concept, Identity and Self-Expression -- Session 9A: CSR Medley: Sustainability, Celebrities, Measurement and Moral Emotions -- Session 9B: Emotions and the Self -- Session 9C: It's all about the Design -- Session 9D: eWOM: Let's Talk! Travel, Piracy, Culture and Information Overload -- Session 9E: Experiential Learning and Course Design -- Session 9F: Special Session: Exploring Difficulties & Pitfalls Doctoral Students Must Conquer in Becoming Researchers/Authors/Scholars -- Session 11A: Symbols, language, and imagery -- Session 11B: Brand Image, Brand Authenticity and Brand Heritage -- Session 11C: Marketing Metrics and Analytics I -- Session 11D: Brands and Identity: An International Marketing Perspective -- Session 11E: Managing the consumer experience -- Session 11F: Strategic Orientation & Commitment -- Session 12A: Consumer-Brand Relationships and New Media -- Session 12B: Digital Marketing and Social Media -- Session 12C: “The Game Plan”: Managerial Considerations in Sport Marketing -- Session 12D: “Fantasia”: Marketing Insights for Media Entertainment -- Session 12E: Marketing Metrics and Analytics II -- Session 12F: Social and cultural influences in services -- Session 12G: Cultural Aspects of International Marketing. .
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Printed edition: 9783319455952

Cover Image: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/9783319455969.jpg

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