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Title Main Entry Publication Date
The human testis; proceedings. Workshop Conference on the Human Testis (1970: Positano, Italy) 1970.
Mucus in health and disease : (proceedings) ... / Elstein , Max International Symposium on Mucus in Health and disease 1976: Univ.of Survey) 1977.
Protein-metal interactions; [proceedings] American Chemical Society Symposium on Protein-Metal Interactions, Chicago, 1973. [1974]
Control of gene expression; [proceedings] "Oholo" Biological Conference on Strategies for the Control of Gene Expression 1973 : Zikhron Ya°aٍkov, Israel) [1974]
Immunity in viral and rickettsial diseases; proceedings. "Oholo" Biological Conference on New Concepts in Immunity in Viral and Rickettsial Diseases 1972 : Zikhron Ya°aٍkov, Israel) 1972.
Vasopeptides : chemistry, pharmacology and pathophysiology ; proceedings of the Symposium on Vasopeptides, held at the Villa Medici -Auditorium Hoechst-, Fiesole -Florence-, Italy, July 20-22, 1971 / Symposium on Vasopeptides, Fiesole, 1971. 1972.
Purine metabolism in man: enzymes and metabolic pathways; [proceedings] International Symposium on Purine Metabolism in Man 1973 : Tel Aviv, Israel) [1974]
The Visual system: neurophysiology, biophysics, and their clinical applications; proceedings of the ninth ISCERG symposium, Brighton, England, July 1971.   1972.
Surface chemistry of biological systems; proceedings. American Chemical Society Symposium on Surface Chemistry of Biological Systems, New York, 1969. 1970.
The reticuloendothelial system and atherosclerosis: proceedings.../ INTERNATIONAL Symposium on Atherosclerosis and the Reticuloendothelial System (1966: Come, Italy. 1967.
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