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Title: Varicocele and Male Infertility : Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy / edited by E.W. Jecht, E. Zeitler. With the collaboration of numerous experts
With the collaboration of numerous experts With the collaboration of numerous experts

Main Entry: Jecht, E. W.
Zeitler, E.

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg,
Publication Date: 1982.
Publication Place: Berlin, Heidelberg :
ISBN: 9783642680663

Subject: Medicine.
Electronic books.

Contents: I. Epidemiology -- Epidemiology of Idiopathic Varicocele -- II. Basic Aspects -- Pathogenesis of Varicocele -- The Varicocele: Clinical Aspects -- 'Orchipathia e varicocele' -- Histological, Morphometrical, and Enzyme Histochemical Studies on Varicocele Orchiopathy -- Varicocele and Seminal Cytology -- Cases Illustrating the Variation of Results -- III. Diagnosis -- A. Phlebography -- Technique of Retrograde Phlebography of the Internal Spermatic Vein -- Radiologic Anatomy of the Left Testicular Vein in Varicoceles -- Phlebography of the Right Spermatic Vein in Varicoceles -- Technique, Indications, and Results of Transfemoral Phlebography of the Testicular Vein in Persistent Varicocele -- B. Other Methods -- The Value of Physical Examination for the Diagnosis of Varicocele -- Contact Thermography in the Diagnosis of Varicocele -- The Doppler Technique for the Diagnosis of Varicocele -- Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Varicocele by Ultrasound -- Comparison Between Different Methods for the Diagnosis of Varicocele -- IV. Endocrinology and Immunology -- Hormone Levels and Sperm Counts in Patients with Varicocele -- Testosterone in Peripheral Plasma, Spermatic Veins, and Testicular Tissue of Patients with Varicocele -- Varicocele Operation and Endocrine Parameters -- Hormonal Testicular Function in Patients with Varicocele -- Enhanced Chemotactic Activity of Microphages in Varicocele -- V. Therapy -- A. Surgical Treatment -- Surgical Treatment of Varicocele -- Recidivation of Varicocele, Prophylaxis, and Therapy -- Persisting Varicocele: Cause and Treatment -- B. Sclerotherapy -- Results of Transfemoral Testicular Vein Obliteration Using a Balloon Catheter -- Sclerotherapy: Technique and Results -- C. Embolization -- The Treatment of Idiopathic Varicocele by Transfemoral Spiral Occlusion of the Left Testicular Vein -- Treatment of Varicoceles by Embolization with Detachable Balloons -- Nonsurgical Cure of Varicocele by Transcatheter Embolization of the Internal Spermatic Vein with Bucrylate -- Modified Technique for Embolization of the Internal Spermatic Vein -- D. Complications and Risks -- Complications of Surgery for Varicocele -- Complications and Risks of Percutaneous Sclerotherapy -- VI. Results -- Long-Term Results after Surgical Treatment of an Idiopathic Varicocele -- Spermatologic Results Preceding and Following Varicocele Surgery -- Treatment of Idiopathic Varicoceles by Transfemoral Testicular Vein Occlusion -- Effects of Percutaneous Sclerosis of the Left Internal Spermatic Vein on Semen Quality -- VII. Discussion -- Phlebography of Persistent Varicocele in Boys.
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